Thursday, 6 November 2008

The times they are a-changing..

Obama is in, Lil' Wayne isn't dead. The news floods in. Guy Fawkes was caught with 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellar of the houses of Parliament on this very day in 1605. Today is monumental, we all celebrate it and it will be forever remembered. Today the world changed. For me that is true in more than one way.
I stayed up watching the news break on the internet and arrived at work ready but perhaps a little fatigued. We had a day of dealing with difficult individuals, the precident was set early on. Shortly after the first episode I received a visit from my consigliere. The adviser bore bad news. The foundations of my day to day were shaken.
For most of you reading this Slam is a destination. Either you'd seek it out on a day trip or you do so on the regular and I know you to say hello to. If this isn't the case send me a message or say hello next time you're here. This is my point. Our shop exists, you come here and shop/watch videos/set up boards/drink energy drinks/flick through magazines/peruse exhibitions. For many of us this was never the case and you are privileged.
I found out today that my refuge/hang out spot/home away from home/free therapy session and house of unconditional love will cease to exist as of tomorrow. I am more than sad about this, tearful I would say in all honesty as I type this. Not being able to zip around the corner to see a handful of the best human beings I know whenever I want, let alone on the breakfast run is going to seriously cripple my existence.
This is my story. You don't have to relate to it. You may think I'm a whiny sentimental princess. If you do then you're a moron already but you can call me out, I'll happily beat you down and my consigliere will finish you off, we may even fly Mike over from Ny to take care of the remains. Don't even make me get the Baron involved-you've seen what he can eat in a lunch break!
Joking aside... but I'm not actually joking we will beat you down!
My point is this, shop's are closing left right and centre. If you aren't in spitting or at least egging distance of a major chain of coffee company you're in the sticks. London is changing!
We are maintaining a specialist area of refuge for all you other nerds out there. This is of course the function of a skateboard shop and it always has been. In the current climate however what we have and what we do here is not to be taken for granted. The sad news I received from my friend today really made me think. We need to appreciate what we have while we have it and make the most of it. You never know what you've got until it's gone. I'm not looking forward to the Bagel run sans human contact. It's going to suck.

*Disclaimer-Slam City Skates is very much open, another local business sadly is not.

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