Friday, 14 November 2008

Baker Bootleg

I get to sling you some Baker footage fresh from the Alley cam. I scooped this clip on Yesterday's Bay 66 visit. Cancel that, yesterday's Playstation visit. It's the first thing I've filmed and I was stoked it was something so good. I have up until now had a fear of filming, a fear that I'll miss whatever it is. Ches put me in charge of pointing a camera at a Smithy 30 stair Hubba assault once and I screwed it up. Hopefully this will redeem that, It's the first time Vaughan's made this trick. So stoked on this are we that it's a Jakes Alley/Slam news page double dip. The Alley clip comes complete with the ghetto shrug which prompted Charlie to call him Stevie Walliams. Hope you enjoy it..

Yes Vaughan!, he's planning to come up with a clip or more for us each week.That's the kind of guy he is. After yesterday's gold dust I think the Alley cam will accompany my skates from now on. We showed you how hardcore Jackson was the other day, giving a tip of the hat to classic albums of old at his most fragile. Check how hardcore Seth is..

He sweats that Indy pride!

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