Tuesday, 4 November 2008

"You should wash your beard..

.. then shave it off, nail it to a Frisbee and fling it over a rainbow" That's a quote from this..

Dan recommended this series and I've been rinsing it, it's hilarious. The rain fully stopped play yesterday so I used my day to shop for some gloves and a scarf. It was apparent early on the scarf was going to be a problem but I found these gloves in Marks and Spencer..

They were the best find for what I wanted to pay, there was a superior model on offer but at a price. These will serve me well through the Winter months. Either that or one will fall out of my pocket any day soon and I'll be a one gloved Michael Jackson character. Edson and Missy visited us earlier. Missy reviewed a copy of Concrete Wave..

Missy rips in her own special way..

This was my favourite mag review stance..

Charlie started this new found hobby of hers with a rolled up flyer. Edson's worried about it crossing over into his home life. If it does maybe his living room will one day look like this!..

Apologies if you visited us this afternoon and any tell tale signs of a Missy Missdemeanour were left over. Most of the debris was cleared up. Missy later demonstrated her own brand of clearing up, a number of her farts quite literally managed to clear the shop floor. Shortly after she was asked to leave, hopefully she'll be back soon. Make sure you keep Thursday evening free. We have this premiering downstairs..

The time it shows has changed though. It will now show at 6pm. This way you'll be able to catch that and then head over to Jaguar shoes to watch Stu's Super Jumbo Bolivia film brought to you by Lovenskate. More about that tomorrow. We have a whole grip of product making it's way to us for the weekend, I'll share it with you as it arrives. Stay tuned

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