Sunday, 16 November 2008

"Rhyme teller for the ladies and the fellas..

and I only kick the flavor for my fellow ghetto dwellers" Martin was excited last night at the prospect of some Grand puba being played at the ICA. He kicked the flavour for his fellow ghetto dwellers, showing his creation The Ravenous Ready To Fry downstairs. Crew turned up to see it, a healthy crew. Martin brought crew too, good work..

Slater was in the house too..

Sheffield showed it's support with coach and car journey's. Unlike the last few events we've had here where I did bar duty or held it down in the basement this time we managed to get some images for you. Henry is mostly to thank for this. Here are some faces for you..

Yes Edson! Birthday boy was in the house, what better night for it. All of the usual suspects were in attendance..

Apologies for the fuzzy photo. Rayman always shows his support, he has his own spot. Luigi was holding it down..

Charlie and Eggy..

Fos came..

He premiere's the Landscape video Horizons next Saturday so get yourselves in here to buuy tickets while we still have them. This guys going to be in it..

Stuart was here..

...and so was Lev keeping it Polska..

Did I mention that Luigi was holding it down?..

Tim was out for the premiere and Edson's birthday..

and Billy..

We hadn't seen Greg for a while..

Guy told us all about the joys of going out and then went home..

Felix walked in while the Specials were on the wireless..

Farris enjoyed the local cuisine..

The chip shops profits must have gone through the roof last night. There were trays of chips and gravy everywhere I looked. Oli was out..

Louis and Carla coached it down in the a.m and left again in the p.m to arrive back in Chesterfield in the a.m..

Eugene was out..

Dan was here and taught me some Manc fighting talk. He has a sore lip..

Downstairs filled up and it was hot and noisy in no time..

Good work and thanks to every one who came out to play. Make sure Wednesday coming is marked in your diary, we have yet another night's entertainment planned for you..


Anonymous said...

where are the girls at?

Jakes Alley said...

The eternal question

Anonymous said...

probabrly too intimidated by the sheer magnitude of skateresque testosterone that is the air in slam city skates.