Wednesday, 26 November 2008

"Behold the turtle..

..He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out"
Sounds like Luigi using the computer to check the weather/bbc sport. The turtle reference is because of a gift Will Harmon dropped in. This was the gift he picked us up..

Yes Dick turtle! Here's what the lucky bag contained..

..A jigsaw you cut out yourself, a lollipop, a milk chew, a Mr Miyagi toy which was my favourite piece and some plastic shapes you make different animals with. Rob managed to make them resemble Luigi when he's on the computer. Luigi made quick work of the two items of confectionery while I banged around rythmically with the Miyagi bat. Will dropped these in along with the wheels offered up as a reward for the lost issue of Sidewalk. Attention Lec! There are some 52 mm wheels here with your name on them. They don't actually have your name on them they say Chocolate but they're safe and sound until you next drop by. Next week should see the arrival of the mega Fully Flared and also the Stereo box set. This has Tincan folklore and a Visual sound in one box..

This is good news indeed for you Christmas gift buyers.I have a little footage in the Alley cam waiting to be edited but I'm waiting for a little more so hopefully I'll get some tomorrow. The edit will contain a Guy Rza disclaimer.It promises to be hot so keep them peeled!

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