Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The silver screen..

..is looking to be blessed in the coming months..

Dan gave me the heads up on this trailer a week ago and I slept on it, now I've seen it I can't wait, it looks amazing. Nice Springsteen track on this next one too. Make sure you visit his site and download the new single...

Next up and finally, one I've been waiting for..

Cinema visits are shaping up thankfully, the only thing I've been watching of late is the Big Bang Theory. I just ordered new stuff for the weekend so if you're in need of a board this is going to be the place to come.

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Dan said...

that's a brand new Springsteen track on the Wrestler trailer, apparently the boss wrote it especially for the movie. Should be pretty good, its by the guy who directed ∏ and Requiem for a Dream