Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Barack Barack!

The ever topical Slam City Skates centre piece..

A change has come. No change has come to the Magee diet though. Check out today's Ghetto Snack entry from the man who developed the concept. Stage one-crack open the box..

Stage two-contents recconaissance..

All present and correct. Stage three-boil those pasta shells..

Pasta boiled. It's time to enter stage four and introduce the key radioactive ingredient..

Stage five-wonder at it's other worldly orange splendour! This leaves only the final stage..

You need to take that ting dear, mash it up and yam it down. I bet that mac and cheese tasted amazing! We all enjoyed the Earl's special for lunch. The best chicken melt in the business. I decided that my favourite thing on the world wide web right now is ButteryAss mondays on the Berrics. It makes you want to splash about in water fountains and make some extra coin. Inspiring stuff! Make sure you head down here tomorrow night at 6pm to catch a showing of this..

"Words do inspire"- Barack Obama


— Barrie Bloor said...

"Throw some cheese on it!"

Best ghetto snack yet!!!

— Barrie Bloor said...

Here's the link...

"Throw some cheese on it!"