Saturday, 15 November 2008

For your viewing pleasure

Martin's video premiere's in the shop this evening. Ravenous!

It's going to greet the basement at 6pm so get yourselves down here. I've been searching for about ten minutes for an image to herald Edson's birthday. There were numerous corporate Edson logo's, a wheel nut I liked, images of Mumm-Ra. I'd pretty much given up when I stumbled across this image and it made me smile. Ravenous premiere-Edson's birthday-Gunshot! Happy BIrthday Edson!..

Hopefully Jackson's snap factor doesn't hinder footage being acquired today and we have something to look at tomorrow. There's good news for those of us hungry for new media next Saturday too. The Landscape team have a new video out, it premiere's at the Prince Charles cinema. Details here..

You can pick up your tickets here in the shop. They're £4 each and there is a 6.45 and 7.45 showing. Enjoy your weekend, get Ravenous!

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